MiMesh® mesh – mining

siatka mimesh2Composite mining mesh | MiMesh® type OKK and OKZ

Lining, composite mining mesh in sheets for bolting supports. Substitute for the steel shield mesh for bolting supports. This type of mesh is intended for use as protection of sidewalls and roofs in independent bolting support, bolt and prop or prop and bolt support systems against falling lumps of coal, rock and other minerals in mining plants. Composite mesh has flexible and elastic properties and, unlike steel meshes, is easily applied on uneven roofs and sidewalls, making the process quicker and easier. Furthermore, composite mesh is characterised by very low weight and resistance to corrosion as well as acidic and basic chemicals, including high concentrations of brines. The mesh is non-flammable and antistatic. Another important feature of the mesh is that it can be cut by a roadheader and milled/crushed with coal output. MiMesh® composite mesh is also easy to transport and apply.

  • OKK75GE mesh – light mesh, substitute for welded and expanded steel mesh. Typical strength specifications. Elastic, easily applied to uneven roofs and sidewalls;
  • OKK75GS mesh – heavy mesh, substitute for welded and expanded steel mesh. Increased strength specifications. Rigid and springy mesh. Possible application in form sections (1.4×1.4m, 1.7×1.7m);
  • OKZ mesh – hooked mesh, a component of the arch support system in hard coal mining plants;
  • OKK75GECON mesh – light composite mesh used as a lining mat, for shotcrete reinforcement, for repairs in underground and open-pit mining plants and in tunneling (underground railway systems). The mesh can be used for reinforcing prefabricated concrete elements and floors;
– basis weight – net weight (1m²); tolerance ±0.5 kg/m² ~0,5 kg/m² ~1,3 kg/m² ~2,3 kg/m²
– bending moment Mg100: (as per PN-G-15050:1996) 1.80 kNm 2.13 kNm 5.13 kNm
– max strength for 100mm bend P100: (as per PN-G-15050:1996) 6 kN 8 kN 17.50 kN
– single strand tensile strength 5.5 kN 15 kN 39.6 kN
– weld point shear strength N/A 19 kN 44 kN
– flammability: burning time < 3.2 s < 3.2 s < 3.2 s
– surface resistance < 109 Ω < 109 Ω < 109 Ω
– long life int normal use conditions without changing parameters for 50 years
– resistance to corrosion and high concentrations of aggressive substances (acids and bases).- data in the table are in accordance to test results of report no. 1/LL/113/2014 of 20.05.2014 and 3/LL/113/2014 of 29.05.2014, performed by OBAC Laborex laboratory, which is registered as an accredited body.


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