MiMesh® mesh – construction

budowlanaComposite construction mesh for concrete reinforcement and protection | MiMesh® type SKB

Description: MiMesh® SKB composite mesh is an innovative solution replacing the popular and commonly used steel mesh. MiMesh® SKB composite mesh is characterised by low weight (4 times lighter than steel!), complete resistance to corrosion, resistance to acidic and basic environments, including the aggressive basic environment in concrete. MiMesh® SKB composite mesh is characterised by very good adhesion to  cement paste and does not require coating due to its resistance to corrosion – this results in reducing the amount of required concrete or its more economically beneficial redesign (particularly recommended for thin-walled prefabricated elements, such as cladding and road panels). An added advantage of mesh is its elasticity (not plasticity, as is the case with steel), which results in high resistance to dynamic loads. MiMesh® SKB composite mesh is transparent for magnetic waves (does not create Faraday cages) and is an electric insulator, which makes it a particularly good choice for structures prone to the presence of stray currents (underground and regular railways, transmission lines, transformers).

Application: MiMesh® SKB composite mesh is used for the reinforcement of various types of concrete, including shotcrete, floors, and prefabricated elements; it can also function as technical or garden/utility mesh. It is also useful as a “geo” mesh for reinforcing railway subgrades, roads, slopes and embankments.

Construction: Ourpatented mesh construction and production technology guarantee the highest quality. The mesh is made of a glass and/or basalt fiber composite in a polymer resin matrix.


type mesh loop size (mm) strand (bundle) width (mm) mesh thickness (mm) single strand (bundle) strength (kN) weld point tensile strength (kN) breaking strength kN/m bending moment at bend u=100, Mg (kNm) extension at break (%) weight g/m2
SKB75GECON 75×75 40 1 8 10 77 1.05(max load strength P=4.6kN) 3.3 500
SKB75GE 75×75 40 2 19 21 155 2.13(max load strength P=9.6kN) 3.3 1300
SKB75GS 75×75 40 4 40 45 359 5.13(max load strength P=25kN) 3.3 2300



SKB – Composite Construction Mesh

75 – mesh loop size (mm)

GECON – Glass ECONomy

GE – Glass Elastic

GS – Glass Rigid


Mesh panels – 1.4 x 1.4 m, 1.7 x 1.7 m

Additional information:

The mesh was subject to strength and resistance testing at an accredited laboratory (OBAC Sp. z o.o. of Gliwice) with positive results, this also pertains to use in mining plants. This report can be provided upon request.

For more detailed information please contact us at:info@eec.com.pl